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Few VCU Students Get H1N1 Shot

By Juliette Delp
VCU Insight

RICHMOND, Va. — Only 1300 of nearly 32,000 Virginia Commonwealth University students have received the H1N1 vaccine.

Dr. Margaret Roberson, Director of VCU’s Student Health Services, says that those who have not received the vaccine still should.

“Definitely we still want people to get vaccinated,” said Roberson.

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VCU Program Encourages Student Athletic Donations

By Jerome Foster and Alonna Artis
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. – One year ago, Virginia Commonwealth University Athletics started a membership program called the Student Ram Athletic Fund. The program’s goal is to get students to donate money in support of VCU’s sports teams.

Students pay $25 to join the program. The money goes to the Athletic Department to help cover costs.

“And that’s…how we raise the money for scholarships and it helps them get better equipment,” said Alex Fotiou, the Assistant Director of Development and Corporate Sponsorships.

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Student Moms Balance Studies, Home Life

By Nurah Abdul-Majeed and Brittany Grove
VCU InSight

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New VCU President to Receive $890,000 in Compensation

By Scott Kennedy and Mark Coffman
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.- Many students and faculty have been meeting VCU’s President-elect Michael Rao, who will take over as VCU’s President on July first.

His current salary is $302,357 a year as President of Central Michigan University, which has 27,354 students. In comparison, VCU has 32,284 students.

In the midst of an economic recession some members of the VCU community are questioning Rao’s compensation package.

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