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Storyteller Mulls America’s Heritage

Nessa Johnson, Richmond storyteller

Nessa Johnson, Richmond storyteller

By Stephanie Power and Anna Yates
Capital News Service

Late one night, Nessa Baskerville Johnson received a strange phone call.

“I think I’m your cousin,” said an unfamiliar voice.

Stranger still: The caller told Johnson that their common relative was a great-grandfather five generations back – a white man who enslaved members of Johnson’s family. The newfound cousin was even a member of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

“Then I should be a Daughter,” quipped Johnson, a Richmond author, storyteller, artist and activist who sits on the Richmond Slave Trail Commission.

Johnson says she “always knew” she would have something to do with the history of Richmond. Perhaps her greatest contribution to the commission is her passion for the city, her acceptance of its entire history and her wisdom in shaping its future.

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