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VCU Students Spend Spring Break Giving Back

By Markia Gore
VCU Insight

RICHMOND, Va.-Virginia Commonwealth University’s spring break was the third week in March and students scoped out destinations, booking flights, and reserving hotel rooms.

Sophomore Vanessa Grandby said she plans to spend spring break on the beach.

“This spring break I will be going to Miami with some of my friends.”

Spring break also brings opportunities to give back. Colleges all over the nation including VCU offer the alternative spring break program where students go to another state or country and do volunteer work including feeding the homeless, working at camps for disabled children, rebuilding homes, and land beautification.

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VCU Official Talks About Haiti Relief Efforts

By David Preut
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. — During an in-studio interview Dr. Catherine Howard, Vice Provost of Community Engagement, talks with VCU InSight about Haiti relief efforts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

She talks about a VCU professor‘s recent trip to Haiti and the successes and difficulties he experienced after the Caribbean nation experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on Jan. 12.

While many students might want to travel to Haiti themselves, Dr. Howard says there is plenty that students can do for Haiti right here in Richmond. InSight also finds out what student organizations have already been doing to help relieve the situation in Haiti and where people can go to stay informed about continuing VCU efforts.

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