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Couples Cut Back This Valentine’s Day

By Alli Atayee and Markia Gore
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.–The recession. A new semester of expenses. Students deal with the bad economy on all sides, and that includes buying Valentine’s Day gifts for their special someones.

Virginia Commonwealth University students Amy Hadra and Drew Vanlandingham know better than most about saving money.

“We had been friends since high school but then the summer before college Drew told me he loved me and now we’re engaged,” said Hadra.

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New VCU President to Receive $890,000 in Compensation

By Scott Kennedy and Mark Coffman
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.- Many students and faculty have been meeting VCU’s President-elect Michael Rao, who will take over as VCU’s President on July first.

His current salary is $302,357 a year as President of Central Michigan University, which has 27,354 students. In comparison, VCU has 32,284 students.

In the midst of an economic recession some members of the VCU community are questioning Rao’s compensation package.

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Holiday Shopping Feels The Pinch Of Tough Economy

By Shanell Jackson and Shaina Croom
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.-So far this holiday season, shoppers are spending less–in large part due to the troubled economy.

According to VCU economics professor, Dr. David Urban, stores are going to have to really go above and beyond to get customers’ attention because sales and low prices just aren’t enough.

“The other thing they have to do though I think some of them are doing, but some of them aren’t is that they have to be prepared because consumers are going to be looking for more deals, and are going to be asking a lot more questions and are going to be a lot more demanding and probably going to be a lot more stressed out.”

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