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A look back at the history of VCU

Emily Smith & Brett Tignor

This summer, Virginia Commonwealth University will celebrate its 40th anniversary, but the school actually dates back to the 1800’s.

VCU traces its roots back to the opening of the Medical College of Virginia in 1838. MCV was one of three southern colleges to graduate a class each year of the Civil War.

In 1917, what became Richmond Professional Institute opened on Franklin Street. RPI was created to combine hands-on training in the community with academic coursework.

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VA congressman a VCU alumnus

Photos by Phillip Ranallo

Slide show and story by Emily Smith


Rob Wittman has a new and very exciting job. He is the newly elected congressman for the 1st District of Virginia.

Wittman says one of his top priorities is to focus on the people be represents. He says he enjoys hearing from his constituents and working hard on the issues they say are important.

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Off-campus students boost local economy

Grace Johnson
VCU student Grace Johnson lives off campus

Brett Tignor and Emily Smith

As Virginia Commonwealth University continues to grow, student housing is becoming an important issue.

With more than 32,000 students attending VCU, the majority of students live off campus. Not only does this mean more economic growth for the city and surrounding counties, but also it means more freedom for students.

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