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Virginia Goes Blue

By Bobby McBride, Jonathan White, and Leonard Spencer
VCU InSight

Barack Obama’s historic U.S. Presidential Election victory has resulted in Virginia doing something that they haven’t done in a while: for the first time since 1964, the state of Virginia supported the Democratic Party, anchored by new U.S. President Obama and new state senator Mark Warner.

Before this year, Virginia last supported a Democratic U.S. President in 1964 when they backed Lyndon B. Johnson.

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Bill Clinton at VCU

By Bobby McBride and Jon White
VCU InSignt

RICHMOND, Va. – Former President Bill Clinton made a visit to VCU’s Student Commons on October 12 to conduct a rally for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama before a crowd of about 4,000.

Presidential nominees visited the state of Virginia because it is a key battleground state in the election.
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