VCU Basketball Fan Attends Since 1999

By Curt Dozier and Markia Gore
VCU InSight

For Rick Childers the VCU basketball season is more than just fun and games–it’s become a way of life.

Going to places as far away as Cancun, Reno and Oklahoma City, Childers is as much a part of VCU basketball as its mascot, Rodney the Ram. The 52-year-old state police lieutenant keeps a very watchful eye on comparing his work and game schedules.

“I usually get a schedule and I’m making notes and sending my boss e-mails saying I need this day, this day and this day,” Childers said.

For Childers, those days add up to what he calls “the streak.”

Childers has been to every game at the Siegel Center for VCU Men’s basketball since its doors opened in 1999. In that ten year span, VCU basketball has seen five different head coaches, but Childers has been around for all of them.

Rick’s wife Yevonne tries to be with Rick at all the games. She doesn’t have a streak, but it’s on her mind just as much as Rick.

“We’ve learned and met all these people and became such close friends. And we keep coming back year after year,” Yevonne said.

Childers has been attending VCU games since the mid 1980s; years that has seen tremendous growth within the program.

“I’ve been through the bad times and I look so forward to coming to the Siegel Center with the enthusiasm, and it just builds.”

Childers plans to retire next year, leaving more time for the VCU season and his streak of 170 games to continue, but will he ever stop going to games?

“Nope. Never. But I don’t know how long the streak will last,” Childers said.

As another season draws to a close, Rick Childer’s streak of 170 games remains secure.

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