Richmond Welcomes a New Football Team

By Kyle Horan, Alli Atayee and Asia Holt
VCU InSight

This spring Richmond will be formally introduced to their new football team, the Richmond Raiders. The team of over 30 roster hopefuls are pumped and getting ready for their season.

Although their first game isn’t until March 13th, the football team has already broken in their cleats. They won 49 to 45 in an exhibition game against the The AIFA All-stars and they hope their win and their rigorous training will lead them through a successful first season.

“We’re doing as much as we can to keep our team here,” said Jack Bowman, general manager, “We know there have been other teams in the past, but we have high hopes.”

The Raiders also makes it appoint to involve the players and their dancers in different community service projects around Richmond. They want to uplift the community and gain a solid fan base.

“We’re trying to get as much support as possible, so we are getting our dancer’s involved in some local charities,” said Bowman, “We are getting a positive response from the community.”

Tickets for Raider’s games range from $10-30. They can be purchased from the team’s website or from the coliseums ticket master. And with so many seats in the coliseum, the first game is sure to be a packed house.

“We’re incredibly excited,” said Brookes Gordon, Richmond Raiders Marketing Director. “It’s our goal to make it so Richmonders can enjoy a football game without having to travel to D.C.”


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