Seniors and Kids Get Care Together at VCU

By Agazit Asihel
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, VA – VCU’s MCV hospital offers an innovative approach to child care that allows children to enjoy activities with senior citizens.

“Oh and with the children, we go visit the children at least once a week, and we all have our own little class, and our own little people,” Laura Shaver, an adult day program participant, said.

Patricia Moon, director of VCU’s Family Care Services, says the program aims to improve the way the elderly interact with the community.

“It was like, what can we do for more adults, can we make sure that they are not relegated to a period of isolation, but they’re continuing to be a part of society,” Moon said.

“So we enjoy the holiday programs together, various heart programs, exercise, music, and then just some informal interactions,” Dorothy Caras, program manager for the Adult Day Center, said.

Funding for the program is now from a grant from MET LIFE. When the program was starting, it took time to find space for the adult day center, this space was created through renovations.

Moon explained that the program was made to promote a balance in the lifestyle of their employees.

“They could bring them to the center, and go to work and feel more confident throughout the day. So that they could focus on what they need to do there, knowing that their family was being well cared for, it reduces stress,” Moon said.

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