VCU’s New Top Cop Is A Familiar Face

By Derick Waller and Asia Holt
VCU InSight

RICHMOND,Va.- Virginia Commonwealth University has a fresh face leading one of the largest university police forces in the nation.

Chief John Venuti maybe new to VCU, but he is familiar with the Richmond community. Venuti, who comes from the Richmond Police Department, said the change is going to simple.

“Well I think it’s going to be a relatively easy transition because the majority of my career in the city of Richmond has been spent on the various streets and neighborhoods that surround the entire university.”

Venuti was the commander of the violent crimes unit for the Richmond Police Department and achieved a 90% murder conviction rate here, in a city that was most known for its high murder rate.

Major John Keohane of the Richmond Police department believes Venuti was the right man for the job.

“He is so well respected based on how he cares for people and his work ethic,” Koehane said.

Captain Carlton Edwards of the VCU police also believes Venuti will add to the growth of the university’s police force.

“He’s going to bring some expertise to the university that’s going to help,” Edwards said.

After swearing in on February 3, Venuti vowed to bring the same commitment to public safety seen in his tenure with the Richmond Police Department to VCU.

“If there are people who come to this campus, university, the neighborhood that surround it, the streets that surround it, with bad intentions,then we will deal with those situations very very aggressively,” Venuti said.


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