VCU Celebrates Home Of Va. Women’s Suffragette Movement

By Tim Bajkiewicz
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va.–About 100 marchers helped rename a building on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus in mid-November and reaffirmed the legacy of the struggle for women to vote in Virginia and the United States.

The march began at the James Branch Cabell Library on VCU’s Monroe Park campus and ended at 919 W. Franklin St., the former home of Anne Clay Crenshaw. That same day in 1909–November 18–she and 18 other women created the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia, which later became the League of Women Voters of Virginia.

“Well, I’m thrilled because I think it’s important that we remember our history. And that’s one of the reasons I brought my daughter today,” said Dr. Catherine Ingrassia, executive associate dean for research and graduate affairs, VCU College of Humanities and Sciences.

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920 gave women the right to vote.

The renamed Crenshaw House is home to VCU’s Center for Public Policy. VCU First Lady Monica Rao and VCU Rector Anne G. “Panny” Rhodes briefly spoke at the event.

See the VCU Library’s special online exhibit, “100th Anniversary of the founding of the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia.”

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