Students Prepare for Holiday Shopping

By Alonna Artis and Ben Schafer
VCU InSight

With the holiday season fast approaching, businesses are trying to pull in customers, but unlike previous years students aren’t exactly preparing to shop until they drop.

Taylor Brown, freshman nursing major, says that she will be downsizing this year.

“I will probably spend less, just because I don’t have a job right now,” says Brown.

Robert Williams,  senior Business major, is in the same crunch for cash.

“I’m a college student and I don’t have money,” says Williams.

The National Retail Federation released its 2009 holiday forecast, projecting holiday retail industry sales to decline one percent this year to $437.6 billion.

Jill Pillow, small shop owner of Old World Accents in Carytown, says she is not having Black Friday sales, but her unique products will still sell.

“There’s always a good assortment. It’s a lot of fun and I try to always have a variety,” says Pillow.

Katie Taylor,store manager for World Of Mirth agrees.

“We try to stay away from items that mainstream stores carry. So you can come back here for the old fashion toys; for things that remind you of when you were younger.”

But instead of getting out and fighting crowds, many people are shopping from home.

According to The US Census Bureau $24 billion dollars was the value of retail sales electronic shopping and mail-order to houses in December of year last night.

“I do a fair amount of my shopping online because I mean,it’s convenient,” says Williams.

For others it’s not about the thrill of the hunt it’s about something much more practical.

“Getting what I want and the getting the most bang for my buck.”

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