Larrick Dining Hall to Re-open

By Iva Radman
VCU InSight

After being shut down for nearly three years Larrick Dining Center is scheduled to re-open on January 7, 2010.  Like its’ Monroe Park campus equivalent, Shafer Dining Court, it will feature salads, deli sandwiches, pizza, “comfort” foods, desserts and food to go.

Associate Director of VCU Business Services Dan McDonald says it’s a big improvement from what Larrick was before.

“Students in the past were…they had to pick from the typical cafeteria line, here they’ll be able to go up and get food prepared specifically for them.”

Students are responding well to the already-open Starbucks and large common area.

“I’m really excited. It’s supposed to be really good. The people that work there are really friendly already we already know them so it’s really going to be a great thing to be able to have a place to eat right beside where you work.”

The space was designed by Ricca Newmark and contracted by Kjellstrom and Lee. The estimated cost of the project was $7 million.  Larrick is located on N. Ninth Street between the Cabaniss dorm and MCV Campus Recreation Center.


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