Gmail Replaces Lotus Notes as VCU E-mail

By Matt Doyon
VCU InSight

RICHMOND, Va. — All Virginia Commonwealth University students transitioned to a new e-mail service throughout the week of Labor Day.

The move was made from Lotus Notes to Google’s Gmail in an effort to phase out the former. Students will still have access to the VCU Mail Anywhere account until June 30, 2010, but all incoming mail will be directed to the Gmail account.

VCU decided to put plans in motion to seek out a replacement for Lotus Notes in fall 2008 after receiving complaints from students.

The university hopes that switching providers will ease some stress.

“That’s the biggest option, is that it’s simplicity. You get into the Google interface and you can pretty much understand it right away,” said Sam Kennedy, assistant director for VCU Technology Services.

Other universities around the country, as well as the world, have already adopted Gmail. Having the servers hosted in California rather than on campus will save the school money. Also, E-mails will be screened for spam by both Google and VCU rather than just VCU.

Freshmen who arrived on campus for the fall 2009 semester were introduced to Gmail this past summer.

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