Richmond TV Switches to DTV

By DeShonda Overby and Scott Kennedy
VCU Insight

RICHMOND, Va.–Television is changing–it’s going all digital on June 12th, 2009. But the government is worried many people were not ready or the big switch.

A.C. Nielsen research says the concern is warranted, noting that 33,000 households are “completely unready.”

Darryl Cheney is the Chief Engineer at WRIC-TV 8. He says people call him all the time trying to get help on how to get digital television channels coming in clearly. Cheney understands how consumers feels because he has a difficult time trying to make sure that everything is working correctly for WRIC- TV 8. To minimize the frustration he works with other engineers from other local stations.

Virginia Commonwealth University student Arman Khalatbari feels like it’s up to the consumers to make sure that they are ready for the transition.

“It all depends on if people are actually going and getting the boxes and being ready. I guess if they change. People are going to be without TV for awhile until they get it,” he said.

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