DMV to Change Licenses and ID Cards

Brittany Allen
VCU InSight

Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles is changing some of the rules of the road. Starting July 1, 2009, DMV issued driver’s licenses and identification cards will have some new security features.

“They’ll have a new look for the first time in 10 years, ” said DMV spokesperson Melanie Stokes.

The most prominent change is a gray scale photo on the front and back to better show permanent facial features. There are also color images of Virginia landmarks that are only visible under blue light. Instead of being made at each DMV location, all licenses will now be made in a facility in Danville, Virginia and sent to each customer through the mail.

DMV officials hope the changes will prevent fraud because they are not easy to tamper with. There are some changes that not even employees know about yet.

“Gone are the days when college students can alter their driver’s licenses to change their birth date to buy alcohol, or make a fake one,” said Stokes.

There is no need to run out to get a new license, however. Older licenses are still valid until their expiration date.

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