VCU Senior Dance Majors Grace The Stage

By Ashley Tipton
VCU Insight

Richmond, Va.–Instead of stressing over her final written exams, VCU senior Ashley Narvaez had a routine to polish.

Narvaez is a dance and choreography major whose senior project is part of VCU’s The Dance Show: Fall 2008 Senior Project Concert, which was performed November 20-22 at the Grace Street Theater, 934 West Grace St. in Richmond.

The concert featured Narvaez and six other seniors from the VCU Department of Dance and Choreography. They created comprehensive dance routines that include choreography, music selection, costume and lighting design. The seniors have also studied marketing and fundraising techniques.

Narvaez’s piece, “Along the Way,” was in development since the fall 2008 semester began.

Her four-person cast showcased a Filipino influenced dance routine, including today’s modern dance through progressive movement.

Narvaez was excited about the show and says she is proud of the progress she has made from her freshman year.

“Basically it’s preparing ourselves because when we graduate, we pretty much have to market ourselves. And that’s something that this is going to prepare us for ‘cause when you have your own show, you want people to show up!” says Narvaez.

Lea Marshall, producer of The Dance Show, expected nothing but the best.

“I expect it to appear professional and for all aspects of the show to be clean, well run,” she said, ‘’to present well to the audience as a professional production would.”

Senior dance and choreography majors to performed alongside Narvaez are: Amanda Gay, Charli Brissey, Erin Dalton, Aaron Burr Johnson, Zakia Wilder and Kevin Jones.

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