VCU Task Force issues final report

By Ashley Tiption, Shaina Croom, and Phillip Ranallo
VCU InSight

Richmond, Va. – VCU President Eugene Trani’s Task Force on Corporate-Sponsored Research issued its final report this month.

Trani created the Task Force in response to public confusion regarding the VCU-Phillip Morris research agreement and corporate-funded initiated academic research—the subject of a New York Times story.
The committee held a total of eight town hall meetings to address the appropriateness of a university researcher and major tobacco industry relationship.

The report updated and revised current research agreement terms with new consistent policies to go along with modified ‘operational strategies’. It also redefined terminology to better clarify the language of the current agreement.

All proposals are to be carried out by a Corporate Research Review Committee–which has yet to be create–as well as a follow-up Task Force Committee–to review and approve requests from the university Vice President for Research.

The 22 member committee includes VCU faculty and staff, plus three external consultants from Duke, Penn State Ohio State.

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