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Film industry says it’s too quiet on the set

By Alexander Harris
Capital News Service

The red carpet was rolled out in front of the Byrd Theatre for the premiere of the HBO miniseries “John Adams.” Executive producer Tom Hanks and actor Paul Giamatti, who plays Adams, attended, as did Gov. Tim Kaine. Hundreds of cast and crew were invited, and crowds filled the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of celebrity.

Despite the premier’s flashbulbs and fanfare, new film projects – some that are even set in the state – are bypassing Virginia for location shootings for other states offering competitive incentive packages.

From major-studio directors to independent amateurs, filmmakers say they’d like to work in Virginia, but they can’t afford to because the state doesn’t provide enough financial help.

According to the Virginia Production Alliance, 10 major filmmakers that considered production in Virginia chose to film elsewhere at a cost to the commonwealth’s economy of $356 million since 2006.

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