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VCU students helping children with deformities



Brandon Shulleeta

One group of VCU students is trying to help children with facial deformities. They’ve committed to support Operation Smile, a non-profit international organization that sends surgeons to work temporarily in developing countries.  Most of their patients have cleft lips or cleft palates.  The volunteer surgeons perform operations in as little as 45 minutes each and usually for about $240, according to Operation Smile.

“Most of these children, when they’re shunned at home, people… call them names, they don’t let them out of their houses, they don’t go to school, they never get married,” said Gabrielle McDonald, president of Operation Smile at VCU. “So, when they’re able to fix the cleft lip itself, they’re able to accomplish all those goals.”

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Allergy season hits VA hard in April

Bobby Broyles

There are many signs that spring is upon us – warm temperatures, flowers blooming, and allergy season. Each year allergies affect many people in Richmonder and throughout the area.

VCU cross country runner Jay Wyss says he notices a significant drop off in his running performance during this time of year.

“Every year, in late April, early May, my performance in running, takes a total nose dive. It’s allergy related every year,” said Wyss, “I just know it. I feel sore for no reason whatsoever and tired. And I am really suffering from itching, scratcing, and sneezing.”

grain of pollen

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A look back at the history of VCU

Emily Smith & Brett Tignor

This summer, Virginia Commonwealth University will celebrate its 40th anniversary, but the school actually dates back to the 1800’s.

VCU traces its roots back to the opening of the Medical College of Virginia in 1838. MCV was one of three southern colleges to graduate a class each year of the Civil War.

In 1917, what became Richmond Professional Institute opened on Franklin Street. RPI was created to combine hands-on training in the community with academic coursework.

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