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“Big Mama” serves up soul food in Fulton hill

Delle Beganie and Lauren Jaslow

You don’t have to go home for a good home-cooked meal in Fulton Hill, just stop by the local street vendor on Williamsburg Road for some surprisingly good soul food.

Earline Fenner, or “Big Mama,” is the CEO and head chef of her vending locale that Fulton Hill frequenters know as “Big Mama’s Cart.”

At about four dollars a plate, it may be some of the tastiest soul food in Richmond.   Fenner says it’s good because she makes it fresh every day.

“I fix it daily. When you fix it fresh, people enjoy it better,” Fenner said.

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Safety concerns amidst crowded gyms

Phillip Ranallo and Bobby Broyles

A recent poll by the American Council on Exercise asked 1500 web site visitors what stops them from going to the gym.  Forty-six percent said the number one reason for not going the the gym was overcrowding.

For many, this year’s New Year’s resolution was much like last year’s – to get in shape!  But beating the rush at the gym can be a hassle.

Dr. Eric West coordinates VCU’s fitness programs at the Siegel Center Gym.  West says many students are unfamiliar with the gym hours and don’t know the best times to go to avoid the crowds.

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Off-campus students boost local economy

Grace Johnson
VCU student Grace Johnson lives off campus

Brett Tignor and Emily Smith

As Virginia Commonwealth University continues to grow, student housing is becoming an important issue.

With more than 32,000 students attending VCU, the majority of students live off campus. Not only does this mean more economic growth for the city and surrounding counties, but also it means more freedom for students.

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Quite an honor

By Shoshannah Nunez

VCU honors dorm room

One twin bed, a private bathroom, a lounge with a big-screen television and an on-site computer lab.

For most VCU students living on campus, such accomodations can seem more like an upscale hotel than a dormitory.  But for the students living in West Grace Student Housing, such amenities are all part of dorm life.  Those students are members of the VCU Honors college, a program for students who excel academically.  Not only are they eligible for private housing, they also get to register for clases weeks before other students, receive special advising and have better opportunities to participate in undergraduate research programs.

However, many VCU students who might qualify for the Honors college aren’t aware of the program or its benefits. 

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January shows feature student documentaries

VCU InSight’s two January shows will feature four student documentaries.  The January 4 show (repeating January 6) will include a story about two Richmond families and their decision to adopt international children and a story about VCU’s involvement with a village in Ghana.  The January 21 show (repeating January 27) includes a documentary about Richmond’s Jackson Ward and a movement that’s attracting young people to a new type of Christianity. 

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